Myths about Baby Teeth

June 27, 2023

In this blog we have tried to clear misconceptions about a child’s first teeth which are also called primary teeth, milk teeth or baby teeth. Here are few myths about baby teeth that every parent should know:

Myth-1: Cavities in baby teeth do not matter:

If there is decay in baby tooth, it can lead to infection and potentially damage to unerupted permanent tooth. Therefore care of baby tooth is needed to eliminate decay and discomfort to permanent tooth.

Myth-2: There’s no need to brush baby teeth:

Parents should begin brushing teeth as soon as they appear. While it will help prevent tooth decay, at the same time it develops good oral care habits into your child.

Myth-3: Kids don’t need to see a dentist until they are older:

Many parents believe there is no need to see a dentist for their child until there is a problem in tooth or until they grow older. Visiting a dentist early with your child will ensure that your child has a good impression about a dentist in early age. This will not stop your child to visit dentist in future because of dental phobia or fear of a dentist. After first visit your child develops a trusting relationship with the dentist. Parents should bring their children for a first dental visit as soon as the first tooth emerges or when child is 1 year of age.

Myth-4: Baby teeth are not that important:

The front 4 baby teeth can last until 7 years of age, and the back teeth last until 13 years of age. Some people believe because these are not permanent teeth they are not that important. This belief can cause damage to permanent teeth. Baby teeth reserve space for permanent teeth, thereby they help permanent teeth to erupt at correct position. For example, a baby teeth lost too early can lead to crawling of permanent teeth.

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